Global Maintenance, a strategic tool

From cost reduction to business benefits, global maintenance is an integral part of business strategy

The Infinite Group offers a complete range of global maintenance services to help our customers reduce their costs and solve specific business issues beyond a simple break/fix situation.

Cost Reduction

The specialty of the Infinite Group is to reduce both capital and operational expenses.

•    We price the delivery of global services to reflect the cost structure of the service and avoid unnecessary or premature upgrades.
•    We bring savings from the rationalization and standardization of support contracts in addition to the substantial savings on hardware purchase compared to the vendor list.
•    We provide flexible sourcing of parts and assets through legitimate channels at the best market rates.
•    We are a lean innovative provider who invests in partnerships, automation, systems and processes to keep costs under control. We pass these savings through to our customers.

Business Benefits

Our customers benefit from our expertise in global auditing, hardware and software asset management.
Dealing with complexity in support and deployments in challenging locations such as Russia, China and Latin American countries is our specialty. Our agility and the size of our network have been keys to our success and bring business benefits to our customers.

•    We determine what assets are actually deployed to support your business by using our robust hardware asset management services.
•    We use flexible support options to provide a platform to transform complex environments during company mergers and acquisition activities.
•    We deploy standardized, single-point-of-contact support arrangements to reduce the number of vendors and offer a simple support system.
•    We help our customers gain control of their assets across diverse geography.
•    We use support contracts to implement global governance allowing control over who makes hardware and support purchases, in what location and for what amount.
•    We support legacy assets to extend the investment’s working life and shorten the Return of Investment through cost efficiency.